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Wrestling Life


Different facts about Wrestlers


* Hulk Hogan is said to have earned $1.1 million for his battle with fellow Mega Power Randy Savage at WrestleMania V.

* The first ever wrestling match broadcast on Pay-Per-View featured 'Adorable' Adrian Adonis vs. Corporal Kirschner. It opened WWF Wrestling Classic, and apparently, it sucked.

* Pat Patterson is one of the only openly gay men in US wrestling.

* The Undertaker, in a previous identity, was managed by ECW promoter Paul Heyman.

* Playboy once offered Missy Hyatt the opportunity to pose nude for the magazine. She agreed, but her WCW contract prevented her from doing it.

* Bradshaw is the same age as former Blackjacks partner Barry Windham.

* Savio Vega was in the same room, only yards from the scene, when legendary nutter Bruiser Brody was stabbed to death in a locker room by 'Invader' Jose Gonzales.

* In 1988, Mick Foley, as Cactus Jack, held the World Class Light Heavyweight title!

* Marc Mero left WCW in 1996 because he strongly disapproved of the Dallas Page storyline in which he was involved with another man's wife.

* Mick Foley was once known as Cactus Jack Manson

* AJPW hasn't had a count-out or disqualification finish in more than five years.

* Before she married Brian Pillman, Melanie Pillman was involved in a relationship with Bryan Jim Hellwig, alias The Ultimate Warrior.

* Bret 'Hitman' Hart's first tag team title came in conjunction with brother Keith Hart.

* The Conquistadors, legendary WWF losers of the late 1980s, consisted of Carlos Estrada and Jose Luis Rivera. Their sons Jose Estrada and Juan 'Savio Vega' Rivera would later link arms as two members of Los Boricuas.

* Edge is engaged to Alannah Morley, sister of Val Venis.

* Steve Austin is married to Debra McMichael.

* Rena Mero, the former Sable who had the audacity to try and sue the WWF, earned over $1 million in her final year with the company.

* Tammy Lynn Sytch, the former Sunny, auctioned off her breast implants (removed after problems) on the Internet for $11,000. However, the buyer failed to cough up.

* UWF promoter Herb Abrams announced that Bruiser Brody would appear on a show he was hyping in 1990, 18 months after Brody's death.

* Alledged Scotsman Roderick 'Roddy Piper' Toombes once wrestled as 'The Canadian', under a mask.

* Al Snow held the Smokey Mountain tag team belts in conjunction with none other than the 'Big Red Machine' Kane, in a previous guise as Unabom.

* The surely-alcoholic Andre The Giant reputedly downed 119 bottles of the good stuff in one session. He probably still walked straight after.

* Blackjack Mulligan, father of Barry and Kendal Windham, once served time for counterfeiting. Kendal has also done time in the slammer.

* Lethal Weapon Steve Blackman was the first, and last, man to hold the Stampede TV title

* During his short stay in WCW, rap artist Master P was under contract to receive $200,000 per appearance!

* Pat Patterson was once billed as Lord Patrick.

* Boring Brian Adams was once billed 'The Midnight Soldier'.

* Mexican promotion AAA once promoted more than 50 shows a week.

* The only wrestler in history to hold World tag team titles in the WWF, WCW and ECW is Mick 'Mankind' Foley.

* Days after Bret Hart decked Vince McMahon in Montreal, former WWF employee and Hart family friend Harley Race phoned 'The Hitman' to congratulate him on how he dealt with the situation.

* The Godfather isn't just a character, I guess. The guy behind the conductor of the Ho Train- Charles Wright- ran a strip club in Las Vegas in 1996.

* Despite his 7'4" billing, Andre the Giant was actually only 6' 10".

* Kevin Nash, best remembered for failing miserably as Oz, Vinnie Vegas and Master Blaster Steele, also languished as Supershredder and Dr. X early in his career, the former of which was named after his bit-part in the movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: The Secret Of The Ooze, in which he portrayed a super-powerful version of heel character Shredder.

* Ever think WCW cock-ups The Black Scorpion and The Shockmaster sounded similar? Both were voiced by Ole Anderson.

* Hulk Hogan and The Disciple (Ed 'Brutus Beefcake' Leslie) once wrestled as brothers. The long-time friends aren't related.

* Barry Horowitz wrestled under the name Bret Hart in the mid 1980s. He also used the pseudonym Jack Hart.

* In the 1980s, Hulk Hogan's opponent's were banned from making reference to the 'Bald One''s receding hairline.

* Former WWWF tag champ, manager and commentator 'Luscious' Johnny Valiant now works occasionally as a stand up comedian.

* In the spring of 1999, Ken Shamrock refused to participate in an incest storyline with his pretend sister Ryan.

* Nitro Girl Whisper, alias Rebecca Curci Hickenbottom, used to make a crust as a lapdancer. Wonder how hubby Shawn Michaels feels about that.

* In 1976, Gorilla Monsoon beat up Muhammad Ali in an angle.

* Hardcore Hak's barbed wire in WCW was made of rubber.

* Randy Savage's valet and real-life girlfriend Stephanie Bellars, alias Gorgeous George, has done time in the slammer for burglary and assault.

* 'Gentleman' Chris Adams served time for nutting an airline pilot.

* Andre the Giant was once known as Monster Eiffel Tower.

* The first ever War Games ended when participant J.J. Dillon submitted.

* 'The Mouth Of The South' Jimmy Hart was once holder of the Southern (Memphis) title, in such good company as fellow former champs Lou Thesz, Paul Ellering, 'Wild' Bill Irwin, Jack Brisco, Terry Taylor, Jesse 'The Body' Ventura, Nick Bockwinkel and Jacques Rougeau Jr. Resident champ Jerry Lawler captured the title on 31 occasions.

* The late Owen Hart once worked as the masked 'Avenger'.

* Cowardly meathead Sid Vicious once backed out of a hotel bar fight with Brian Pillman only to return to the scene, armed... with a squeegee!

* In 1980, The Dynamite Kid held the Stampede International tag team title with Luke McMasters, 'The Loch Ness Monster'.

* New Japan awarded Leon White the opportunity to shine as the monsterous Big Van Vader in December 1987. White, however, wasn't the first choice for the role. That honour belonged to the one and only Ultimate Warrior, Jim Hellwig.

* Star of the James Bond 007 film Goldfinger, Harold 'Oddjob' Sakata enjoyed a long career as a wrestler.

* The best selling wrestling video in the UK ever is SummerSlam '92, oddly enough held in London.

* ECW's New Jack, alias Jerome Young, worked as a bounty hunter before his wrestling days.

* In the late 1980s, the WWF promoted approximately 1000 live shows a year.

* Chris Benoit once wrestled under a mask as 'The Pegasus Kid'.

* Former WWWF World tag team champion Professor Toru Tanaka once singlehandedly thwarted a hijack attempt.

* Sgt. Slaughter was once known as Bob Ramstead.

* Hulk Hogan and Zeus' movie No Holds Barred was titled Golden Bomber in Japan.

* Vince McMahon always wanted to be a professional wrestler, but father Vince J. McMahon strictly forbid it.

* Andre The Giant was billed as 'Monster Rousimoff' in Japan.

* Larry Zbyszko is a licensed pilot, and is often responsible for flying Hulk Hogan to PPVs and TV shows.

* Jake 'The Snake' Roberts keeps it in the family: his father, brother and sister have all wrestled. They were billed as Grizzly Smith, Sam Houston and Rockin' Robin respectively.

* In 1985, a big wrestling promoter attempted to pursuade looney wrestler Bruiser Brody to attack Mr. T as he walked to the ring at WrestleMania I.

* Steve Austin was the first choice for the part which Bill Goldberg landed in Universal Soldier II. The producers enquired with the WWF, who turned them down without consulting Austin, who was said to be furious.

* The Dynamite Kid set mad wrestler Gypsy Joe on fire at the counter of McDonald's in the mid 1980's after provokation.

* Owen Hart was the first Westerner to capture the IWGP Junior heavyweight title. The first Westerner to capture the Heavyweight title was Hulk Hogan.

* Barring the old-timers in the WWF Women's division, Abdullah The Butcher is the oldest active wrestler.

* Jushin 'Thunder' Liger wrestled in the UK as Flying Fuji Yamada.

* Black Blood, WCW's 1991 creation, was portrayed by Billy Jack Haynes.

* Gorilla Monsoon partly owned the old WWWF.

* West Texas State University keeps churning 'em out into the grap game. Among the graduates: Terry Funk, Dory Funk Jr., Dusty Rhodes, Bruiser Brody, Ted DiBiase, Manny Fernandez, Tito Santana, Cowboy Bobby Duncum Sr., Barry Windham, Stan Hansen and Tully Blanchard.

* Former WWF personality Lord Alfred Hayes wrestled in the UK as Judo Al Hayes.

* Bret Hart's final Stampede North American title was captured from The Junk Yard Dog. Other former holders of the title include Abdullah the Butcher, Billy Robinson, Harley Race, Jake Roberts, Bad News Brown and Wayne 'Honkytonk Man' Farris.

* Steve Austin's ex-wife Jean Clark was formerly married to WCW jobber and USWA topliner Chris Adams. Speaking of Miss Clark, she's a Brit, born in Southend-on-Sea, Essex.

* Edge, Canadian Adam Copeland, formerly wrestled as Sexton Hardcastle.

* The Honkytonk Man made a living as a PE teacher during his early 1990s hiatus from wrestling.

* Shane Douglas once worked as a History teacher.

* Harlem Heat were known as 'The Ebony Experience' in the GWF.

* The original Kane in the WWF was Mark Callaway, aka The Undertaker. He was later renamed.

* 'Prime Time' Brian Lee (Brian Harris) was the best man at Mark 'The Undertaker' Callaway's wedding. He later wrestled in the WWF as Ted DiBiase's Undertaker, and as DOA biker Chainz.

* Ogre woman Nicole Bass, of WWF and ECW fame, is married to a normal, average guy(!).

* Abdullah The Butcher made his wrestling debut in the same year Bret Hart was born.

* Scott Hall and Danny Spivey (WWF fans will remember them as Razor Ramon and Waylon Mercy, respectively) were once billed as Coyote and Eagle, a tandem collectively titled American Starship, in the AWA.

* In 1998, 'Outsider' Scott Hall announced his retirement from wrestling in an Orlando night club. He's still going...(just!)

* In 1983, Terry Funk announced his retirement from wrestling. He's still going...

* Before he joined the WWF, Hardcore Holly was a full-time welder.

* Among Lawrence 'LT' Taylor's 'All-Star Team' at WrestleMania XI was future WCW commentator and Horseman member Steve 'Mongo' McMichael. He was briefly embroiled in a feud with Kama, who now wrestles as The Godfather.

* Chris Benoit is married to Kevin 'Taskmaster' Sullivan's ex-wife Nancy, alias the evil Woman of WCW fame.

* In 1968, the late Gorilla Monsoon held Australia's version of the World heavyweight title, the IWA championship.

* Duke 'The Dumpster' Droese was once billed as Rocco Gibraltar.

* Public Enemy's Rocco Rock was once the masked Cheetah Kid.

* The first wrestler to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated, far from being Hulk Hogan, was Junior an Force.

* In the early 1990s, Eric Bischoff was turned away from the WWF after attempting to land an announcing job.

* In 1995, during an internet chat which addressed ECW, Vince McMahon stated "I believe the ECW style in general is deplorable. The WWF deplores the violence that is typical of ECW."

* Paul Bearer was once known as Dr. Rigor Mortis. Bearer, real name William Moody, has also wrestled as The Embalmer and Percival Pringle III.

* Andre The Giant once fell asleep during a match with Big John Studd. I can understand why, though...

* Missy Hyatt accepted an offer from Playboy magazine to pose nude during her tenure in WCW but the group wouldn't allow her, citing a moral terpitude clause in her contract.

* Mercid Solis, the former 'El Matador' Tito Santana, currently owns a hair salon in Roxbury, New Jersey.

* Before forming The Midnight Rockers with Shawn Michaels, Marty Jannetty teamed with Tommy Rogers in The Uptown Boys combo.

* Mark Callaway wrestled as The Punisher, Texas Red and Punisher Dice Morgan in USWA and several Indies and Japan, before joining WCW as Skyscraper member 'Mean' Mark Callous and eventually being reborn, with tremendous success, as The Undertaker in the WWF.

* When The Big Show made his WCW debut as The Giant in 1995, he was referred to as the son of the late Andre the Giant. His late 1999 WWF storyline, in which he embroiled in a feud with The Big Bossman and Prince Albert after taunts about The Show's father's battle with cancer, came several years after The Show (Paul Wight) lost his real father to the illness.

* Gori Guerrero, Eddy's father, is the inventor of that Sgt. Slaughter favourite, the Camel clutch.

* The WWF was the first wrestling promotion to regularly drug-test its performers.

* Road Dogg Jesse Jammes once wrestled as the masked 'Dark Secret'

* Perry Saturn, that dress-wearing badass of WCW's Revolution, is rumoured to have once dated Joan Laurer, better known as Triple H's bird Chyna.

* Mikey Whipwreck used to work for K-Mart.

Wrestler Arrests
> Almanac > Wrestler Arrest

Wrestler Date Where Why
Jim Neidhart 9/8/98 Penscola, FL Wrote a bad Check
Scott Hall 10/1/98 Orlando, FL Keyed a limo
Paul Wright 12/3/98 Memphis, Tenn Assulted/Exposed a Hotel Clerk
Tammy Sytch 2/5/99 Middlesex County, NJ Acted Strangly
Jerry Lawler 3/16/99 Memphis, Tenn Threw ticket at cop/ran over foot
Scott Steiner 3/17/99 Cherokee Assulted a Cherokee Worker
Jake Roberts 3/25/99 Athens Ga Back on Child Support Charges
Jerry Flynn 4/29/99 PA Drunk Driving
Juventud Guerrera 4/29/99 PA Drunk Driving
Swoll 8/??/99 (N/A) Speeding & back on child support bills
Scott Hall 12/??/00 ?? Assult

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