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Updated: 1/11/2002 6:41:01 PM

WWF Byte This
Show Date: January 11th, 2002
Report by: Manny A

Hosted by: Kevin Kelly & Howard Finkel
Weekly Commentary by: Droz and Tazz

Special Guests: Triple H & Charlie Haas

Note: All kayfabe comments will be written in bold type.

Full Recap

- The next WWF PPV is the Royal Rumble. You can check out the official WWF Royal Rumble site by clicking here.

- There will be a new segment of Byte This every week. Fans will get the opportunity to pick a "classic" match or moment that will air at the conclusion of the show. You can vote during the broadcast by emailing (The winner : Mr. Perfect vs. Bret Hart at Summerslam 1991)

- Fans are now able to contact Byte This during the show with AOL Instant Messenger. The screen name is WWFByteThis.

- Rundown of what occurred on Raw, Smackdown and what will happen on Sunday Night Heat.

- Discussion about the return of Triple H. Fink feels that it was the best return in history. He told Hunter that in all of the years that he has been announcing in the WWF, the reaction that Triple H received surpasses any that he has ever heard.

- Droz joined the show.

- Triple H's return was electric and unbelievable. Anyone watching could feel the emotion involved and it was also evident on Triple H's face. He talked about how Hunter was in tremendous shape.

- Droz is really happy to have Val Venis, Mr. Perfect, Goldust and the Godfather back in the WWF. They were great performers and it will definitely add to the WWF.

- Droz mentioned how Curt Hennig wanted to get another run in the WWF and this may be his chance. Kevin added that he played golf with him a while back and he was in tremendous shape.

- Kevin thinks that Jazz can be the most dominant female in the WWF. Droz feels that she will win the Women's title pretty soon.

- Droz feels that there aren't 2 more deserving guys of the tag titles than Tazz and Spike Dudley. They are both unbelievable talents. They also show that you don't have to be huge guys to win the titles.

- A question was asked whether the WWF is adding more gimmicks into the Royal Rumble because the WWF fans are smarter today and they know who won't win in the Rumble. Fink thinks that there should be variety in a match like this. There should be some spice added to the most intriguing match in the WWF. Droz feels that fans do know some guys who won't win but they can have some effect on the outcome of the match. They could toss someone out who fans might think had a good chance of winning it.

- Droz feels that no one can stop the "what" catchphrase. Fink mentioned that Lillian Garcia got the chant after every verse of the National Anthem. Kevin talked about how WWF fans are "wise-asses" and people should just let the whole thing go and stop complaining about it.

- Droz left the show and will be back next week. I recommend checking out Droz's column on You can do so by clicking here. You can also email Droz at

- Tazz joined the show.

- It was very weird winning the tag titles. It didn't really hit them until the next day. Tazz never expected it to happen and is very proud of it. He feels that both he and Spike have earned their stripes in the WWF. His 2 favorite WWF moments have happened at MSG.

- Tazz thinks it's cool to have all those guys returning to the WWF at the Royal Rumble. Those guys are all household names and most fans should remember them.

- Tazz doesn't usually make New Years resolutions because he thinks they are stupid. Kevin joked that Vince McMahon's resolution is to "buy everything, ahahaha."

- Tazz just bought a BMW.

- He felt that it was a great creative decision to have Triple H's return to the WWF air last on Raw. He put over Hunter as being phenomenal in all aspects.

- Paul Heyman and he came up with the idea to use the "beat me if you can..." ending for the pretape with the Dudleys. Tazz didn't think that anyone would remember it. Paul said that he was sure that they would still know the catchphrase.

- Tazz left the show.

- Time for "Outthink the Fink." The question was : Who was Triple H's opponent in the Hogpen match on PPV? Where was the event held? (Henry Godwinn, Hershey Park, Penn.)

- Charlie Haas joined the show.

- Things are as good as can be expected, under the circumstances.

- Russ and he had a dream to be WWF superstars. They were excited to get WWF developmental contracts. God had other plans for Russ but he feels that Russ will be his guardian angel watching over his shoulder. He wishes his brother could be there with him but he thinks that he will make it.

- Russ was 2 years younger. They had never been separated. It was very special that he followed Charlie out to Seton Hall University, where they wrestled for the school. They were more than just brothers; they were best friends. He was also a great husband.

- Russ took gymnastics during the offseason of wrestling, which led to him using more aerial moves.

- There wasn't any hesitation or doubt as to whether he should return to wrestling, since this was their dream. The only thing that was difficult was to know that he has to do it without his brother.

- Charlie is honoring his brother by using a different name now. He will now go by the name of RC Haas (R & C being the first letters of each of their first names).

- The HWA show recently in Dayton, Ohio was phenomenal from top to bottom. Charlie was scheduled to wrestle Johnny the Bull. He also had to address the fans at the beginning of the show about his name change. D-Lo Brown came down to the ring and talked about how he is in his prayers and gave Charlie his place in the main event. The main was a 6 man tag with the heavyweight title and tag titles on the line. At the end, he won the HWA championship.

- He has never experienced such outpouring of emotions as he did during the Dayton show. It was tremendous to be tagged up with the Island Boys. Being able to put his submission finisher on Val Venis and to win the title was very emotional. He broke down and just started crying. All of the guys in the locker room came out and started clapping. All of the fans were clapping as well. After the match, "My Sacrifice" by Creed came on and it just perfectly fit the moment.

- Charlie wanted to give thanks to the WWF for being so supportive in this time. He also thanked everyone who had helped he and his family through this tough time.

- Jim Kettner's ECWA wrestling group will be having a tribute show for Russ.

- Triple H joined the show.

Question: His return

The second he got hurt, his return was in his mind. To be out for 8 months with such an injury, he couldn't have asked for more than what happened at MSG.

The emotions involved from the fan reaction was unbelievable. He had heard the reactions to the video lead-up and he knew that they would react but he had no idea that the reaction would be that incredible.

Question: His character

Hunter has not been a "choir boy" during his run. He spent about 90 percent of his career being one of the most hated guys in the WWF. However, he feels that he has the fans respect and it was evident in how they reacted when he returned.

Question: Was he better off staying a heel when the fans were starting to think he was going to turn?

It is good to have a finger on the pulse of the crowd. However, being consistent in one's character is effective as well. The fans will react to what they see. He has done nothing different to be cheered. They have just started cheering him.

Question: His new logo

It had been something that he had been thinking about changing anyway. Things always need to be spiced up, such as entrance music. He got a bunch of ideas from different people about a new logo and he picked that one.

Question: Becoming the undisputed champion

The WWF championship was the benchmark of being successful to him. Now that the industry has changed, it does make it that much more important to be the champ. His goal is to reach the top once again. Chris Jericho has proved that he deserves to be in that spot right now. He has stepped up his game to be in that position.

Question: Is some of the sizzle in the WWF coming back?

It is hard for him to say because he hasn't been around it recently. However, he thinks that whenever there is competition, it is good for business. Right now, having another big name come into the business (himself), will make everyone step up.

Question: Ric Flair

It is great to have Ric Flair in the WWF. Hunter went to a few TV's before his return. He and Flair worked out together in the ring. It was a thrill and an honor to be in the ring with him. He considers Flair as one of the all time best performers in the business. He looks forward to working with him in the future.

Question: Invasion angle

Being on the sidelines during one of the biggest moments in wrestling history was really tough. He was always being asked which side he would be on but it turned out to be a non factor later on.

Question: Perspective of the industry during his rehab

The wrestling industry is like "painting a mural." When someone is up close, they can't get as an objective view as if he were to step back and watch everything. It was great to be able to watch as a fan and it gave him insight into how he would want to do things when he came back. There were times when he questioned why the WWF would do something, as well as times when he would think that he saw something incredible.

Hunter wishes that some people would understand what it is like for a fan to be surprised instead of giving away what they do.

Question: Chris Benoit & Rhyno

His return will be impactful. He is one of the top guys in the business and he is probably "chomping at the bit" to get back. Chris has a tremendous passion for the business. Rhyno's return will also have a tremendous impact.

Question: His rehab

It was a very tough thing to go through. He tried not to look at everything as a whole but rather day by day. Taking it step by step, he realized after a while that it was over. There would be days that he could move his leg a fraction of an inch and would be excited. There were also days that he would lose some movement.

Question: His water trick during his entrance

Hunter is asked that question very often. He just spits it out.

Question: What young superstar would he like to work with?

Rob Van Dam, Test and Edge are all guys who he would love to work with. Hunter is also salivating to work with Spike Dudley. There are many guys who have very bright futures in the WWF.

Question: His wrestling style

He has one speed in the ring, 100 percent. He does not expect to see a change in his style for the Royal Rumble.

Question: The Clique

Hunter has heard rumors of them coming back. There is room for all of those guys in the WWF. They are all some of the biggest superstars in the history of this business. If they were to come back, it remains to be seen if they would be a group. Many things have changed since they were last together. There is a lot of competition in this business so that does not bode well for groups.

- Triple H left the show.

- Arn Anderson was supposed to be the guest this week but he will be rescheduled for 3 weeks from now.

- Kurt Angle will be on Byte This next week.

- The show wrapped up.

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